68154 orthodontist

68154 Orthodontist

Orthodontist in 68154

Here at Longo Orthodontics, we’re the one office that you need for your entire family; adults, teens, and kids alike will benefit from our gentle, compassionate care, and our commitment to both technology and personalized attention. Don’t let today’s manageable problems with teeth alignment become tomorrow’s disaster. Our practice is here to help.

Our 68154 orthodontist should see your child by age 7 for a complete evaluation. This is true whether he or she has been showing indications of poor tooth positioning or not. That’s because some issues are not obvious, but can still be causing difficulties that should be addressed. And at about 12 to 14, it may be time for additional treatment so that she or he can be prepared for adulthood with a straight and healthy set of teeth. Our 68154 orthodontist proudly offers various options when it comes to braces. Traditional ones made of metal are still in use today, and they remain a great choice. In fact, they’re more lightweight and stylish than the ones of the past. But you are by no means limited to them. Ceramic braces are more aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining the familiar structure of metal ones. For optimal cosmetic benefit, though, you may prefer to go with Invisalign, the system of clear plastic aligners that are virtually undetectable to the eye. We also have lingual braces, placed behind your teeth instead of in front. And then there is The Damon System, which eliminates ligatures for a smoother and more efficient experience. Additionally, we have Acceledent, which is not a set of braces, but an appliance that makes your braces work faster. We have other appliances, as well as providing surgical orthodontics, when required.

Whatever the needs of our valued patients, our 68154 orthodontist can suit them ideally. Please contact our office to arrange an appointment for you or anyone else in your household.

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