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Orthodontist in Omaha

Orthodontist in Omaha

Orthodontic services in Omaha

There are few more satisfying things you can do for the look of your smile and your own comfort than to get your teeth straightened if you need to. At Longo Orthodontics, our goal is to help you decide from between the two excellent and effective methods we make available, and then to use that option to guide your teeth into a more ideal position. Our orthodontist in Omaha will be more than happy to help you decide which type of braces are ideal for you.

The pros of metal braces include having over a century of history behind them, as well as being the best treatment for some of the more complex cases of misaligned teeth. In addition, their fixed nature eliminates any obligation on your part to know when to take them out and when to put them back in. They stay in 24/7, always working on your behalf. Metal braces are more lightweight and stylish today thanks to the advancements that have been made over the past decade or so. As for the cons, well you have to restrict eating certain types of foods during treatment with metal braces. Sticky and chewy items could be caught in your braces, while crunchy ones could cause damage to them. Also, there is the chance, especially early on, that your braces might cause mouth soreness or irritation. Invisalign eliminates discomfort with plastic construction. It’s removable, so you can eat all your favorites. And it’s invisible, so no one can see that you’re having your teeth straightened. The only real con would be that if you do not think you are disciplined enough to keep your aligners in when they’re supposed to be, Invisalign’s removability might not be right for you.

Schedule an appointment with our orthodontist in Omaha today to determine which of our braces is best suited to you.

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