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Bellevue orthodontist

Bellevue Orthodontist

Orthodontist in Bellevue

Is it really necessary to see a Bellevue orthodontist to get your teeth realigned? The answer is yes. While advertisements might lead you to believe that you can get great results from one-size-fits-all contraptions without the oversight of a professional, the reality is much different. Similarly, dentist who are not orthodontists do not have the experience and the expertise to make judgments in tougher and more complex cases. Certainly there are instances where Invisalign will be the best option, but here at Long Orthodontics, we’re committed to ensuring that you get the treatment that will be most likely to be effective, safe, and comfortable for you.

Our Bellevue orthodontist also does more than place and monitor braces. Surgical orthodontics are sometimes the best way to deal with the difficulties that you’re having. And the way that children, teens, and adults benefit from braces and other treatments vary, so you will want to be confident that the right decisions are made. Our Bellevue orthodontist begins with a consultation and examination, during which your needs and preferences are taken into account. In the cases of braces, options include traditional metal, ceramic, lingual, Damon, and Invisalign, which is really not braces at all, but more accurately described as a series of aligners. Among the features that may persuade you to select one type over another are comfort, the look of the braces (or in the case of Invisalign, not being seen at all), and how much responsibility you want to take for them. For some braces, you need do nothing but come to our office regularly for a checkup and adjustments.

Straight teeth and jaws that are in sync are both important for your oral wellness and your appearance. Our Bellevue orthodontist will guide you through every step of the process. So contact our office to arrange an appointment.

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