Orthodontic care in Omaha

Orthodontic Care in Omaha

Orthodontic emergencies in Omaha

Our commitment to you does not end with placing your braces and making the periodic adjustments to them. At Longo Orthodontics, we understand that emergencies do come up, and we’re here to help, both with expert advice and the hands-on repairs to your braces that will keep them functioning optimally and safely.

Your braces have wires and/or ligatures, as well as brackets. Under ideal circumstances, they will stay in place without any difficulties for the entire course of your treatment. However, it’s accurate to say that life happens, and you may find yourself in need of our orthodontic care in Omaha. If one of your wires, ligatures, or brackets comes loose, protrudes, or is knocked off, what you do and don’t do is crucial. Do not try to cut a wire on your own, because it is all too easy to end up swallowing the piece accidentally, and then you have a whole other emergency on your hands. Instead, put a piece of orthodontic wax or the eraser from a pencil top on the sharp edge until you can get to our orthodontic care in Omaha. The same it true with a bracket. You’ll find that having orthodontic wax at home is a valuable tool when you are wearing braces. If your tongue, cheek, or gums have become scraped or otherwise injured, rinse with warm salt water and then follow that up with antiseptic rinse. For that, or any mouth irritation or soreness, make use of over-the-counter pain relief medication until you are able to come to our office for direct help.

Keep our number programmed in your phone, because orthodontic emergencies do arise, and we want you to have the best, safest, and most comfortable experience possible with your braces. Contact our orthodontic care in Omaha office for a prompt appointment.

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