Orthodontist in Williamsburg

Orthodontist in Williamsburg

Interceptive orthodontics in Williamsburg

Interceptive orthodontics is a method of early intervention that through active guidance with jaw development and the eruption of new teeth, results in less need for complex treatments later on. Here at Williamsburg, we recommend that you bring your child in for an evaluation by age 7, or even earlier if you notice any of the signs that we list below.

It used to be normal to first consider orthodontic care about adolescence, but waiting until then allows what would otherwise be simple treatments to become difficult ones. There is definite benefit to having your child get treatment by our orthodontist in Williamsburg proactively. It’s not uncommon for teeth crowding, wide gaps between teeth, protruding teeth, and poor jaw growth to be evident long before the teen years. Some of the most typical indications that your child may need the help of our orthodontist in 68154 are teeth that are noticeably growing in crooked, breathing through the mouth, misplaced teeth, finger or thumb sucking, chewing problems, and sounds made when your child opens or closes his or her jaws. Interceptive orthodontics often means braces, but not always. It can include space maintainers to prevent teeth from shifting into the position where they are blocking the growth of new teeth, for example, as well as other appliances and treatments as needed. The sooner your child gets started, the more likely that she or he will have a positive outcome. In addition to time, interceptive orthodontics can save you money later on. In the best case, your child may not need later treatment at all, though in most instances, some additional work will be required.

While it’s on your mind, please contact our office to set up a visit for you and your child with our orthodontist in Williamsburg for an evaluation.

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